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Since 2020 FOREIGNERS has shaped what they call "DARK ART ELECTRONICA" a fusion of House & Techo and Dark-Pop, merging pulsating beats with atmospheric soundscapes, creating an emotionally intense sound while incorporating moody and introspective elements to immerse audiences in a captivating sonic journey. 

Ema Macara (Portugal), gives a voice that effortlessly balances haunting and enigmatic vulnerability, laden with melancholic emotion, bringing an evocative depth to Foreigners' sound.​

Yliana Paolini (Venezuela), Musician, Producer, and Guitarist is the sonic architect behind Foreigners's distinctive sound, infusing electronic beats with haunting synth melodies and live guitars that add a layer of complexity, within the confines of each pulsating beat.

Together, they create an intricate electronic sound, which mutates in Live Performaces adding a layer of Acoustic & Electronic Drums.

​Kevin Hinna behind the Hybrid Drums for Live Performances, transforming each show into an immersive and dance-inducing experience.​

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